Utility Tap Request

The City of Ada Utility Tap Request is required for installation of new taps/connections, mainline extensions, and meter sets on accounts where the meter has been pulled for a period longer than 36 months. The Utility Tap Request is a separate process from the Residential and Commercial Utility Applications required for setting up an account for utility service.

Utility Tap Requests, once submitted and complete, are reviewed and approved by the Engineering, Community Development, and Line Maintenance Departments. If additional documentation or information is required, the Engineering department will contact the applicant.

Once review is complete the applicant will be notified regarding approval/denial of the request. Upon approval, the applicant will receive an invoice via email and will be contacted by the Utility Department regarding payment of connection fees. When paying for connection fees there will be an additional utility deposit and a Utility Application must be filled out to set up an account by the responsible party.

Upon payment of fees and account setup at the Utility Department, a work order will be issued for installation. All taps/connections to City of Ada Utilities must be installed by the City of Ada. Installation is generally completed within 2 weeks, but not guaranteed within that time frame. For follow up or to coordinate installation contact the Public Works Department at (580)436-6300x262

Please use the provided links for questions regarding how to fill out the Utility Tap Request Application, Fire Hydrants Tests, or Meter Sizing.

Meter/Connection Fees

New Taps
Size Tap Notes
3/4" $1,400 Includes Tap, Meter, and Vault
1" $1,700 Includes Tap, Meter, and Vault
>=2" $2,400 Tap only - Meter, Vault, and other appurtenances provided by applicant
Fire Hydrant $1,500 Tap only - Fire Hydrant and other appurtenances provided by applicant
Existing Taps
Size Meter Set Vault & Meter Set
3/4" $400 $800
1" $475 $950

Informational Documents

How to Apply Meter Line Sizing Guide Fire Hydrant Test


Start Utility Tap Application

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