Frequently Asked Questions

All bathroom are required to be handicap. They are some exception for older buildings.
The best way to stay in touch is to check our job posting page on a regular basis. Click here to view current openings.
If you live in the home and it's registered in your name at the court house then you can perform the work but a permit and inspection are required.
Additional polycarts are available. Beginning 2019 -- $24.20 for the first 95-gal polycart and $19.30 for the second one. Call the Public Works office at 436-8100 to request more trash service.
The City of Ada has an ordinance that prohibits burning inside the city limits; however, by special permit, you can apply for a burn permit to burn small amounts of natural materials such as brush and leaves. You must contact the fire chief for application, the site will be inspected prior to permitting, and you must check with your neighbors prior. Safety and Health will always take precedence.
No. Limbs and junk piles (up to 4 cubic yards) are collected by quadrant once per month at no additional charge automatically (Click here for the quadrant map). If you are not sure which quadrant you are in, check the grapple collection schedule map. Piles need to be out on the Monday of your scheduled week. To schedule the grapple truck outside your quadrant call the Public Works office at 436-8100. There is a minimum $20 charge for this service. Residents with piles, not scheduled for collection, and that are set out for collection outside the quadrant time period, are subject to a substantial fine.
The department does have a fee schedule that applies to certain types of fire calls, depending on the nature of the call and the location..
Charges are calculated based on total weight. If you live inside Ada city limits, the charge is $30 per ton with a $7.50 minimum charge. If you live outside the Ada city limits, the charge is $45 per ton with a $7.50 minimum charge.
Check to make sure the sewer clean-out cap is loose. And, during normal hours, call the Public Works office at 436-8100. If it is after hours, call the police department at 332-4466, and a crew will be dispatched.
The landfill is open from 9 to 5 Monday through Saturday.
Aluminum, paper, cardboard, tin and plastic #1 and #2. No glass or ceramic.
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* 2018 International Existing Building Code (Appendices A, B, and Resource A)
* 2017 National Electric Code (Appendices G, H)
* 2018 International Mechanical Code (Appendix A)
* 2018 International Fuel Gas Code (Appendices A, B, C)
* 2018 International Plumbing Code (Appendices C, E)
* 2018 International Fire Code (Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, K, N)
* 2021 National Fire Protection Association's Life Safety Code 101
* 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) with Appendices A, B, C, G, H, J, M, N, P, Q
* 2020 National Electric Code (NEC) with Annexes A, C, D, G, H, I
Any time there is structural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing work.
Recycling is collected on the same days as garbage.
Electronic waste (or e-waste) is accepted at the recycling center at 326 East 12th Street. This includes: computers, monitors, TVs, telephones, microwaves, rechargeable batteries, etc.