Posted:3/17/2017 at 2:10:52 PM
The Ada Police Department in association with Mark Masoner, City of Ada GIS/Environmental Services Director, has just completed an updated Sex Offender Map. This map shows the areas where registered sex offenders are not allowed to live in the Ada area, as well as the areas they are not allowed to loiter. Since this map was last updated, there are additional restricted areas. The Ada Police Department would like to stress if a new restricted zone is established and a registered sex offender already lives there, they DO NOT have to move. If they move or another offender tries to register an address in the new zone then they will not be allowed to live there. To the Citizens of Ada, the Police Department has just reviewed the list of offenders registered in the City of Ada. The offenders reviewed are either living in an unrestricted area or were living in an area before the restricted zone was created. As always if citizens have concerns about a possible violation or know of an offender who isnít on the registry please do not hesitate to contact the Ada Police Department at 580-436-6300. A link to the newly updated sex offender map will be available at As a reminder, it is unlawful for a registered sex offender to reside either temporarily or permanently within 2,000 feet of one of the protected sites. It is also unlawful for a registered sex offender to work with, or provide services to children, or to work in a school. With a few exceptions, it is unlawful for a registered sex offender to loiter within 500 feet of any elementary, junior high or high school, permitted or licensed child care center, playground, or park.