The City of Ada has developed its own Geographic Information System(G.I.S.) Department. With this system in place the City of Ada is able to save time and money by having all of its boundaries, infrastructure, and future projections mapped out in geographically enabled databases. These databases include, but are not limited to: wastewater collection system, water distribution system, storm water collection system, zoning, structures, roads, etc. The G.I.S. department acquires information from other departments(i.e. 911, Fire, Public Works, Planning and Zoning, etc) within the City of Ada to add to or update the system daily.

The G.I.S. department takes this information and distributes it throughout every department and places it in an easy-to-use mapping platform either on a desktop or tablet to make sure that decisions are being made with the best information at hand whether in the office or out in the field. This "in-house" solution is allowing the city to better deal with and identify the problems that affect the well-being of citizens within our community as well as plan for the future growth. Along with the desktop and tablet solutions, the G.I.S. department is able to produce custom maps ranging is sizes from a standard letter to a 42" in wide format. They also scan and inventory all historic maps or plans as well as new plans to keep record of development within the City of Ada.