2015 Water Quality Report

Posted:6/9/2016 at 8:49:12 AM

The City of Ada's Consumer Confidence Report(CCR) is a document that contains information specifically about the water inside the City of Ada's water system that residents use every day. In this report you will find the names of specific constituents that can be found in water systems, but due to our ability to disinfect and the quality of our water, those constituents are not an issue within our system. This document also provides some basic information about the City of Ada's City Council meeting times, operations times, etc. As you read it, please take notice of the Violations column as we have had no violation in water quality over the past year within our system.

One change this year, historically we have printed this document and placed it inside the water bill received monthly by city residents and utility customers as well as posted the document at the Ada Public Library for public view. With a water system our size, now, we can post it on the city website and make available for viewing here. This document will still be viewable at the Ada Public Library as well, but the cost to print and disperse will decrease considerably, saving tax payer dollars.

Click here to download the 2015 CCR